Introduction: Lint Lighters - Homemade Firelighters

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These are a great way to turn a waste product into something useful, which is one of my passions. The fact that it's appeals to my other passion, outdoor cooking, only makes the appeal even greater.

We always have a ready supply of lint from our Tumble Dryer.

Far from being a gimmick this really results in a great natural fire lighter product and you're going to want to make lots. Which is no problem if your house is anything like mine and you have an endless supply of lint!

Step 1: Video Tutorial:

Here's the full video for our Lint Lighters Instructable.

You can see the step by step guide after this stage but the video is another great way to learn how to make these Firelighters.

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Step 2: Materials Needed

Firstly if you hadn't guessed, you'll need some lint. This is the fibrous material that collects in the filter of your Tumble Dryer after the clothes have been in it. Simply scrape up as much lint as you can (you'll probably need about 2-3 visits before you have enough to make enough lighters).

Once you've collected enough obtain an empty egg box and 2-3 thin white non-scented candles.

Step 3: Making Your Fire Lighters

First take your lint and pack it tightly into each space of the egg box so they are level with the top of the box.

Once done, break the candles into smaller pieces (removing the wick) and place in a saucepan over a medium heat. Wait a few minutes for the wax to thoroughly melt.

With the Egg box open, steadily pour the wax into each compartment so the lint is thoroughly soaked but not overflowing.

Close the box and leave for 2+ hours to set.

Step 4: Cutting Into Firelighters

Once the wax is set, take out a set of scissors or heavy kitchen knife and cut the lid off the box. Now carefully cut each segment of the egg box into one so you have 6 pieces left. Don't worry about trimming the cardboard as it all helps with the ignition process.

Step 5: Lighting Your Fire

Place your charcoal or tinder in a pile leaving a gap for your fire lighter. Light the fire lighter with a match or lighter and place it in the gap once it's definitely flaming.

Cover the lighter loosely with wood/charcoal so not to suffocate the flame and leave the lighter to do it's job. A good flow of oxygen will ensure your fire/bbq is soon lit and ready to go.