Introduction: Linux Recording Studio Softwares

This is a branch of my other instructable, The Around The House Junk Recording Studio,for Linux Users. I would like to thank lan M for these great suggestions.

Step 1: Hydrogen-Advanced Drum Machine

This is basically a multi-track recorder. If you use windows, this would be something like adobe Audition.
1st Picture-Hydrogen

2nd Picture-Adobe Audition

Download at This site.

Step 2: Ardour-Digital Audio Workshop

This is just a software to record,edit,and mix multi-track songs. You can even make your own cds. Windows users n-track audio software.
Picture 1- Ardour

Picture 2-N-track
Download at this site.

Step 3: Audacious-Media Player

Normal media player. Windows would compare to Windows Media Player.

Picture 1-Audacious
Picture 2-Windows Media Player

Download at this site.

Step 4: Tada!!! You Are Done!!*

*After you install them* I can't show you how because I have a Windows. But you are done!!!