Introduction: Lip Synching Robot

About: Sanuki udon is one of "Japanese taste". it is a food made of noodles of popular wheat in Japan. And my soul food. I'm not good at English. So I am studying English .

This is a robot that lip-synching to the music and the voice .
It responds with sound hit the keyboard .
Please put in the vicinity of the radio and speaker .
Figure to be lip-synching to the music is very cute .

I hope you enjoy it !

Step 1: Material

  • Arduino Pro mini 3.3v/8Mhz (Arduino Pro mini has a 4 pin.)
  • 8 x 8 Led Matrix (32mm x 32mm)
  • Sound Sensor Detection Module LM393 Chip Electret Microphone For Arduino
  • USB cable
  • LED Gradation Light (100 yen shop)
    LED Gradation Light contains a 1.5V × 3 pieces of battery .If you do not use the USB cable is connected to the battery .

Step 2: Cut the USB Cable

Step 3: Check the Power Supply of 5V

You check with a tester that the 5V can be taken from the USB cable .

Step 4: To Make a Hole

Step 5: ​You Pass Through the USB Cable Into the Hole .

Step 6: Fixed With a Binding Band.

Step 7: Pull Does Not Come Off Also .

Step 8: Give Power to the Arduino.

USB 5V(+) to Arduino RAW
USB GND(-) to Arduino GND

Step 9: Connect the Microphone

Microphone +5V to Arduino VCC.
Microphone OUT to Arduino A4.
Microphone GND to Arduino GND.

Step 10: Replace the LED Matrix

It is very difficult.
Please to solder by bending the legs of the LED matrix as shown in the photograph .

Please note the position of the LED matrix of projection .

Step 11: Solder Is Difficult

Step 12: You Can Press the Case Put the LED Matrix .

Step 13: Sketch

Step 14: Attach Paste the Double-sided Tape on the Back of the Microphone

Secure the Matrix LED with an adhesive to the case .

Step 15: Done!

Please try to adjust the microphone when the face does not change .

It defines the facial animation in the first part of the sketch .
Please enjoy to change the face:-)