Introduction: Liquid Bandage

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During the year my fingertips crack, split and bleed. When this happens it is very painful. I do not want to touch, grab or pick up anything, because it is painful. There are times I have multiple splits on one finger. I am constantly applying lotion to my hands in the attempt to keep my fingertips from splitting, but it is all in vein.

I have tried different types of lotions, drinking more water, wearing gloves when I leave the house or while working. Inevitably my fingertips split. I have used regular adhesive bandages to protect the wounds, but they encourage skin maceration (soft white wrinkly skin) when left on for more than a day. Furthermore, adhesive bandages interfere with the use of my fingers and they do nothing to ease the pain. I need some way to protect my skin from further injury and pain as well as to allow mobility to grab, hold and pick up things.

The Solution

For the last few years I have been using Super Glue to seal the splits. Once the Super Glue dries it is like new skin and I can immediately type, grab, hold and pick up things without any pain.

Besides split fingertips I also use Super Glue to seal minor cuts and lacerations as well as remove warts. In fact I keep a tube of Super Glue in my first aid kit. At the time of creating this instructable I did not have any cuts, lacerations or warts, but I did have dry split fingertips.

Step 1: Material

Super Glue

Skill Level:
Easy, follow these instructions to apply your Liquid Bandage.

Time to Complete:
Less than 1 minute

Step 2: Procedure

1) Apply a thin layer of Super Glue around and on the Split,
2) Let cure 30 - 60 seconds (You may need or want to apply a second coat) then
3) Go about your business.

Super Glue will simulate real skin and will wear off in a few days, depending on your activities.

Step 3: Observations & Summary

Here are some benefits of using Super Glue as a Liquid Bandage.
1) Easy to use, readily available and seals wound quickly.
2) Adhesive bandages loose their grip and fall off, Super Glue bonds to the skin.
3) Prevents Skin Maceration.
4) Is used to seal minor cuts, lacerations and remove warts.

Advisory: If skin becomes itchy, red or irritated discontinue use. Fumes from CA can irritate the eyes, nose, and throat.

I am satisfied with the results.

Then I saw, and considered it well. I looked upon it, and received instruction..

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