Introduction: Liquid Latex Skin

About: I'm 15 still in HS . I have a dream of one day becoming a special effects makeup artist. I love makeup. I been doing make up since I was 12 . Whenever people tell me a consept for makeup , i sketch what I can …
I've seen hardly liquid latex skin so I'm going to make liquid latex skin pieces use for cut prosthetics and for other makeup uses . Hope you enjoy your tutorial

Step 1: Materials Needed ^.^ :

•old makeup brushes you don't care about anymore or paint brushes .
•liquid latex
•baby powder or translucent powder
•2-ply toilet paper
•non stick surface

Step 2: Prepare Your Surface

Now make sure you have your surface clean and dry then with a makeup brush dust the area with a thin layer of baby powder ^.^

Step 3: Here We Go

After you powder your area then you want you put your first thin layer of latex

Step 4: Dry Latex

After your latex has dryed powder it with a light dust of powder and put a second coat of latex following by taking the 2-ply toilet paper apart and placing it on top of the latex when still wet

Step 5: Almost There

After you applied the toilet paper your going to put one more layer of latex then another layer of toilet paper and the final last latex layer then let it dry

Step 6: Hint Hint ;)

After you put your last layer of latex make sure you put 1-2 thin layers of latex around it will make it easier for removal :)

Step 7: Done

After you have remove your skin dust with powder . (If you want: you can get some scissors and cut the edges.) an there you go a nice piece of skin .when applying the skin always put the smooth part faced up but if your going for burn zombie skin use the ruff part faced up ihoped I helped you guys thanks comment and favorite and share ^.^