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Introduction: Listen Oscilloscope Music From Jerobeam Fenderson

Jerobeam Fenderson create Oscilloscope Music. You can see the music in the oscilloscope.

Its so simple, the audio signal fed the oscilloscope with two channels in XY mode for the left and right for the vertical and horizontal deflection.

In his website you can find a lot of tutorials (how to configure the oscilloscope, how create your own oscilloscope music, how is the creating proccess,...) and a lot of resources like the software for create your own music and you can buy his music.

Now I will explain how to make the wire for listen this amazing music.

For the wire you need:

- Stereo wire

- BNC male connector x2

- 3'5 mm Jack male connector (stereo)

And for play:

- Oscilloscope

- Music player where plug the wire.

- Jerome's music files (you can use the song of his Youtube(Souncloud, Campband,...) videos or pursache the originals (HQ) from his website.

Step 1: Solder the BNC Connectors

For solder both BNC connectors we gona sold the black to the ground and the red wire where the coaxial copper wire would go.

Step 2: Solder the Jack Connector

Now we have to solder the 4 wires to the jack connector. The blacks wires will be together in the ground of the connector.

For the red wires, each one will be the right and left audio signal. We can test and mark the BNC in the other side with the corresponding audio signal (I did) but its no necessary, if we insert the connectors wrong we will see the distorted image, don't worry, change it.

I add a heat-shrinkable tubing for protection but it's not neccesary if you are sure that the wires are not shorted.

Step 3: Wire Ready. Plug.

Now we have our wire ready. Just plug the jack connector in your pc, phone or any player you want.

Plug the BNCs in the input channels of your oscilloscope. If you have marked the BNCs usually left audio channel is horizontal deflection and right audio channel is the vertical deflection. If you haven´t, you can test it directly and change it later.

Step 4: Play

Select any song and play.

I play Oscilloscope Music Kickstarter, and it works!

You can try more music from his playlist.

Step 5: (Plus) Configuration

You can find a playlist in the Jerome's channel ( explaining how it works and how to configure your device.

You can put it on XY mode and test diferent configurations or see their videos and clone his configuration.

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    2 years ago

    A while ago, I watched some of these in Cooledit Pro (now called Adobe Audition) -- if you have audio editing software you may have a similar tool, under Analyse -> Phase Analysis.

    It's a software 'scope that plots X against Y (or mid against side) to show whether your audio is mono, well balanced stereo, unbalanced stereo, or out-of-phase annoying stereo :)

    As a side effect, it also works for these files!


    Reply 2 years ago

    Interesting! Maybe could be used to create different shapes.
    Although I've never edited music and I don't know how complicated will be to modify the phase. I will try to prove it, at some point.

    Thank you for the info!


    Reply 2 years ago

    No editing/modifying needed, it's purely using CoolEdit as an X-Y viewer, like an oscilloscope. See below examples ...