Introduction: Listen +, the Audio Phone.

About: Programmer, maker, and artist from NYC!

I believe that while we think that most of us are able to have and use smartphones, this isn't actually true. I would like to propose an idea for a phone, that would be accessible for the visually impaired. The idea was inspired by brian.baas's "screen push phone concept" but the Listen +, is very unique. The Listen + (plus) is an affordable, durable, innovative, easy to use solution for the blind/visually impaired. Unlike some of the other phones I have seen designed to be accessible by everyone, this one still is able to keep its "smartness." Some of the features of the Listen + include:

  • Completely sound based interface.
  • Voice control.
  • High definition, clear audio.
  • 75% of voice commands are stored locally, so you save cellular data.
  • Small, compact and durable design.
  • Wide angle camera with object sensor to avoid collisions.
  • Built-in GPS and map.
  • No screen means almost 2 week long battery life.
  • Wireless charging.
  • Back of the case has a is made with a cellular blocking material, to avoid radiation.
  • One button only.
  • Download and install audio books.
  • Weather, date, and time are also pre-installed.
  • Calling.
  • Sms.
  • Podcasts and Music.
  • Includes high quality compact microphone headset.
  • Much more!

The Listen + is truly the next leap into smart technology for all. Anyone can use it, not just the visually impaired!

If you like this idea, please vote, comment, and favorite! I hope to have a model ready soon, and then maybe later a working prototype.

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