Introduction: Lithium Battery Holder Using Rubber Bands

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Hey, buddy! Out of stock of lithium battery holder? Don't worry I have a quick solution on how to use your lithium battery even without an electronic battery holder. All you need to do is to look for a tiny elastic rubber band inside your home. We all know that rubber bands are common household items so we can quickly make our temporary lithium battery holder, perfect for quick or rapid prototyping. If you find it useful please consider to vote this project and also checkout more Unusual Uses of Rubber Bands! Thank you!

Step 1: Materials

Here's the list of materials you'll need! Some Items are available on ""

1 x Small-Size Breadboard
2 x Male-Male Dupont/Hook Up Wires (
1 x Lithium Battery
1 x LED (it's up to you what color you want) (
1 x 330 Ohm Resistor (220 or 330 ohm)
1 x Small Size Ruber Band
1 x Instructables Sticker (Joke!! Display Only Hahaha)

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Now, head to the next step!

Step 2: Lithium Battery With Rubber Band

Get your lithium battery and your tiny size rubber band. After that, slide it over the lithium battery as illustrated in the pictures. Go to the next step to add some wires.

Step 3: Hook the Power Wires!

Get your black wire (Male-Male dupont wire). Hook it up in the negative face of the lithium battery as illustrated. Then, hook the red wire to the positive face of the lithium battery.

Avoid touching the negative wire to positive wire or vice versa. Touching both end of wires will cause short circuit and might be cause injury or burn.

Step 4: LED and Resistor for Testing

Prepare the simple setup LED-Resistor circuit in your small size breadboard to enable us to test if your battery holder will work.

Step 5: Connect Them All!

Connect the power wires to the breadboard to light up your basic setup. Follow the picture for more details. If your battery holder doesn't work the possible problem is in your dupont wires. Try to test your dupont wires if it has no issue in conducting electricity.

Step 6: Enjoy!

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For more uses of rubber bands please checkout my Unusual Uses of Rubber Bands! Thank you guys! I love you all! Peace!

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