Introduction: Lithophane Lamp From IKEA SVALLET Work Lamp

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This is a lithophane lamp shade designed to be fit on IKEA SVALLET work lamp

The model has all the hardware for the lithophane light with a decent price. All you need to do is printing a new lamp shade.


Material list:

  • 1x IKEA SVALLET work lamp
  • 1x E12 light bulb

3D Printing list:

  • 3 lithophane photos with the dimension of 80x120x2mm to fit on the frame. You can use the online tool on to make lithophane photo from your image
  • 1x photoIKEA.stl which you can use to attach to the IKEA lamp base
  • 1x FrameTopIKEA.stl
  • 1x FrameBottom.stl
  • 4x FramePole.stl

Step 1: 3D Print Your Lamp Shade

Step 2: Remove the Lamp Cord From the Original Lamp Socket

Step 3: Assemble the Lamp Shade

  • Assemble the lamp shade with 3 lithophane photos and 1x photoIKEA
  • Wire the cord through the hole on FrameTopIKEA and assemble the socket
  • Add the light bulb and test it

Step 4: Attach the New Lamp Shade on the Base


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