Introduction: Lithophane With IKEA RIBBA Frame and Led Lighting

Step 1: Description

Hakking IKEA RIBBA 230mm x 230mm to make a lithophane frame with 12V led strip lighting

Step 2: Conversion of Image to Lithophane

1) Picture must be cropped to 1x1 proportion to fit the IKEA frame opening 116x116mm

2) Model settings (see picture) :

a. Maximum size: 126mm (116mm + 2x5mm border)

b. Thickness : 2,8mm

c. Border: 5mm

d. Thinnest layer: 0,8mm

e. Vectors per pixe: 4

f. Base stand depth: -10mm (stand is placed backside)

g. Curve: 0

Step 3: 3D Printed Parts and Assembling

Designed with fusion360 , sliced with Cura and printed on Creality CR10S

1) Front frame : 231 x 231mm, thickness: 10mm,

2) Centering frame with opening for the base of the lithophane,

3) Led lighting support frame for alu V profile, with guides for the wiring system,

4) Lithophane of my grandchildren, but for the example I used the picture : the girl with the pearl earing ( )and she had a cat .

Step 4: Print Settings

I used white PLA 1,75mm from 3Donline ( ) for all printed parts

1) Lithophane : 0.1 layer heigth with a 0.4mm nozzle, 100%infill,

2) All other parts were printed at 0.2mm layer height with 20% infill , infill pattern gyroid,

3) All parts can be assembled by pressfitting them without any glue,

4) The total print time for all parts was about 40 hours , lithophane printing is very slow (20hours).

Step 5: Other Parts

1) IKEA RIBBA White Shadow Box Photo Display Frame 9X9

2) 5050 SMD LED Flexible Strip Light Lamp 12V 50led/m, cool white, I used 4x strips 12 leds,

3) V-Style Aluminium Bar Channel Holder For LED Strip Light, I used 4 x 120mm length,

4) DC12 volt connector,

5) Female/Male JST-2P Connector,

Step 6: .STL Files

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