Introduction: Little Garage Workshop

I have just recently moved to this rented property and it has an garage! The previous one did not and my tools were all over the house.

as you can see I have to share the garage with a car. Actually two but the second one was not the at the time of making this indestructible. Having to share the space means I have to pack everything up to its place after I'm done using it.

At the moment I don't have many tools but I'm constantly looking for some. Some additional vital items missing from here are the Computer (already have a spare one but need to find time for it), drill press, band saw, circular saw and eventually home made CNC milling machine. All of these are on the planning sheet, but do they cost when you need to buy them all.

This garage workshop is by no means finished. I still need to move things around the garage to make some more room for the additional tools in panning, mentioned above. Most of the components are still in boxes waiting for me to unpack them.

I have bought the bench (nice and solid for an office furniture) for $10 and the gray table with wheels for $5 at a government office furniture sale. It was a bargain.

The peg board for the tools have been put up only last week. As this is a rented property i did not want to drill to the walls, therefore the pegboard is attached directly to the bench. It will make it easier to put apart for the next hose move, when I buy one with a additional space in the garage for a proper workshop.

Please see the photos. As you can see, there is still a lot of room for improvement. Any suggestions are welcomed, as most of the ideas I have were also inspired by Instructables. Please, rate the the instructible.

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