Introduction: Little Girl's Chewbacca Costume

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My 5 year old sister wanted a Chewbacca costume for Purim this year. Being a DIY-er, I went online to see if there was a tutorial for a simple Chewbacca costume. No such luck. I had to do a lot of thinking before I even thought up a feasible idea.

So, if your little girl wants to be Chewbacca (or you for that matter, just get several towels or a yard or two of terrycloth), follow this tutorial. No guess work on your part!

I will work on adding pictures. I can't do a bunch at a time thanks to sssssslllllooowwwww Internet!

Step 1: What You'll Need

I wanted to use fake fur for this costume, and while at JoAnn's I saw the perfect type: only it cost $17.99 a yard! So I sadly threw away the fake fur idea. The next morning I was folding towels when it hit: just use a brown towel (aka terrycloth).

  • A brown bath towel
  • A dress (I used one with short sleeves) for a cutting guide
  • Fabric scissors
  • Thread
  • A sewing machine (much easier than doing it by hand)
  • Optional: Dark brown ribbon for trim
  • Aluminum foil (silver)

Step 2: Cut Your Fabric

Fold your towel in half as evenly as possible. Lay the dress on top. You can try to pin it to your towel, but I tried this and the cloth was too thick for my pins (it actually bent one). Cut around the dress, leaving plenty of fabric for a seam allowance.

You may want to cut some extra fabric for long sleeves. To do this measure around the thickest part of your arm (usually the elbow) and divide the number you get by two. Measure the length of your arm, adding about an inch (more or less) for hemming. Put your measurements on the fabric (I've used pencils and white colored pencils), making sure to do it along the fold. Cut and pin.

Pin your two dress halves together. Cut a half circle out for a collar.

Step 3: Sew

Sew your dress, making sure to hem where it needs to be done. You may have to go slowly so you don't bog your machine down, as terrycloth is pretty thick. Attach sleeves if using.

Trim any loose threads, and double check the fit, length, etc.

Step 4: The Bandolier

I made the bandolier out of construction paper and aluminum foil, mostly because I was short on time. Feel free to give some tips for a better one in the comments!