Little Green

Introduction: Little Green

This is Willow Grace, age 9, she was inspired to be a Ruby Throated Hummingbird after our summer family trip to Kentucky where our Uncle's lake house is visited by hundreds of hummingbirds a day. "Little Green" is a literary character. It's a beautiful story about a little boy painting the path a hummingbird is making while buzzing around his garden.

Step 1: The Wings

The wings were made with felt covered with another material that has a feather pattern to it with real feathers lining the wings and tail. No sewing, all fabric glue. The arms holes were made by folding over the material and gluing the seem.

Step 2: Head Piece

The head piece was made using a half mask and spandex ski hat and gluing feathers on to it. All feathers were glued individually. The beak was made with foamies using a heat gun to mold the shape and then glued to the mask.

Step 3: Feeder

We attached a real hummingbird feeder to the wing of the costume as a prop.

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    6 years ago

    Wow! This is a really impressive costume. Did you collect the feathers for the wings yourselves? Thank you for sharing!