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Its a Smash Brothers Halloween this year! Kaiden has chosen out of the numerous characters available on the Wii u game, to be Little Mac. It is a very simple costume to make as you can use already made clothes. There is a link somewhere in Google search that even tells you what to buy and how much and where from. Here is my version.

Step 1: The Clothes

So Little Mac wears a black muscle shirt and lime green shorts with orange stripes and whitish trim.

I bought the shirt at Walmart for around $3. The shorts, I lucked out with. We already had a pair of lime green shorts. I used strips of orange felt for the stripes and strips from an old pillow case for the trim. I added a rectangle of gray felt to the waist band. I realize I have the colors backward as it should have been gray trim with a white rectangle but we use what we have right?

Step 2: The Boots

So this took some trial and error and 2 attempts. The first method I tried ended up being too small. I made the boots to fit over his shoes but it was hard to stretch over and wouldn't stay. I also had tried to use eyelets to make it look more like a shoe but the eyelets just kept falling out since the felt is stretchy. I tried using hot glue to secure them but during the first use, they fell out again. So scrap those and try again. They were the wrong color anyway.

Alright, so I ended up following a tutorial I found online to make the second pair of boots.

you need:
felt: I got some dark grey felt this time to match the color as closely as possible.
poster board or large paper
pencil, fabric markers
needle and thread and sewing pins
eyelet hole punched
long shoe laces

Start by tracing the foot. I actually traced my foot since my son wasn't handy at the time and because I wanted to make sure it was big enough to fit over his shoes this time.

Then use the other foot and line up your heel with the outline and trace that foot.

Draw an arch to cover from big toe to big toe. ( see the tutorial I used for pictures and more explanation)

If you are tracing the child's foot, you will need to draw a seem line around the outside of the pattern. I drew my seem line on the inside of the pattern since my pattern is bigger than I need.

Then measure with a string or measuring tape the inside seem line. Then cut that number in half. This will be the bottom line in the side of the shoe pattern. I didn't have a measuring tape so I used a string. Just follow the seem line with the string then bend the end of the string back to where you are holding the measurement to make it half. Then use it to mark the length of the bottom line in the next pattern piece.

The tutorial I used had a nice little formula for figuring out the length of the other lines. Since I want knee high boots instead of little baby booties, I just drew my height line until it looked tall enough for my son.

The top line is a little more than half the length of the bottom line. Again to be more precise, you can follow the formula on the website.

The next line down is about 2/3 the length of the first line up (its parallel).

Then curve for the toes to connect the bottom line with the line you just drew.

Cut out the patterns.
Fold your felt in half and trace the bottom of the foot pattern once and the other pattern twice. Then cut them out with felt still doubled so you will have 4 side shoe pieces and 2 bottom pieces.

Line up 2 side pieces and sew the back side and front side from the toe to the top of the shoe. Repeat for other shoe.

Take one shoe pattern and one bottom piece like in the picture, wrong sides facing out. Pin the bottom on the shoe starting with the center top and the center bottom. Then pin around the sides. Repeat for other one.

Sew the bottoms on. Then turn inside out.

Try them on the wearer to check fit. They are the perfect size to fit on over his shoes easily but they are too wide at the leg once they are on. I pulled the material to see how much bigger they were than his leg and it turned out to be about a finger length from the front of the shoe to his leg.

Take them off and lay them flat so that both sides are aligned like in photo.

Now use an eyelet hole puncher or something similar to punch a line of holes along the shoe for laces. Be sure to space them out enough but not too far apart. I just eyeballed it and ended up with 13 or 14 holes. Try to make it an even number.

Now to lace them. Start them like a normal shoe at the toes. My laces were a little short for my boot so I had to lace them a little differently. Instead of crossing and going through the next hole and repeating, in order to use less lace, go up one hole on the same side and then cross, then up on hole and cross and so on.

Step 3: Gloves

The gloves can go two ways: you can buy a pair of lime green gloves but they are like $30 or you can buy a pair of black ones on amazon for like $4 and cover them in lime green duct tape.

Its just what it sounds, take your time and be as smooth as you can and add strips of tape until its all covered.

Step 4: Hair and Done

All that's left is that hair. My kid is blond so I just got some of that black temporary hair color in the Halloween aisle.

I recommend using gel to spike and style the hair first and then use the color because the color stiffens the hair and makes it painful to style after.

Have fun and Punch Out!

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