Introduction: Little Motor Pre-Engineering Masco G1

This is a project created by Mr. Kurtz's Pre-Engineering class.

Step 1: Materials

You will need the following materials:

D battery


A ruler

A magnet

2 feet of 26 gague magnet wire

2 small paper clips

scotch tape

AA battery or something of that diameter (used to wrap the magnet wire not for power)

Step 2: Paper Clips

The pictures shown above show the steps of bending your paperclips. You should try to bend your paperclips to be identical.

Step 3: Final Touches to the Clips

To make the loop shown in the first pic, you can use your fingernails to bend the small curve you left in the last step.

Step 4: Attaching Paperclips

Your final paperclips will look like this. Use a liberal amount of scotch tape to attach your paperclips to each side of the battery. Make sure they face the same direction. You can even make the square end of the clips stick out to be used as a stand.

Step 5: The Coil!

This is by far the most difficult part. Take your 2 feet of magnet wire and wrap it tightly around the AA battery. To keep it from springing out, put your thumb inside it and pinch. Now holding it in a coil, wrap some excess wire around the coil to keep it together. Make a few wraps. Make sure the coil looks like the final picture.

Step 6: Sanding

One end of the coil will be completely sanded, while the other will only be half sanded. Make sure that the side that is half sanded is done perpendicular to the coil. In other words, if the coil is standing up vertically, the half sanded coil will be horizontal.

Step 7: Finalization

Now put the coil through the holes in your paperclips and give it a flick. It may end up spinning out of the clips, in which case you can bend the clips inward on themselves. Another suggestion is to make sure the coil is balanced. You can change this by bending the leads, or by coiling the wire differently