Introduction: Little Ms. Captain Marvel Costume

Captain Marvel is strong, brave, and fearless, everything I hope my little one to be when she grows up! This costume was hand-sewn entirely by Captain Marvel's mom, including a cover for the baby carrier so it looks like she's flying and LED lights in the gloves!

Step 1: Sew the Onsie

Purchase red, blue and gold shiny fabric. Use a onsie that fits your child as a template, cut out all the pieces and sew together so that the red is on the neckline, the gold as stripes in the sleeves, and the blue is the remainder of the onsie. Leave the bottom un-sewn so you can slip it over your little one. The boots will cover most of the legs, so you won't see any (or very little) bare leg.

Step 2: Sewing the Carrier Cover

Using the same three fabrics, sew a cover for the baby carrier that can be placed on top, and tucked into the sides and back of the carrier. Cut out a gold star and glue it with fabric glue to the cover.

Step 3: Booties and Gloves

Place the fabric down, and using a store purchased onsie pajama foot as a stencil, mark the fabric leaving enough room for seam allowance. Cut the fabric, sew together and flip right side out. Do the gloves in a similar way, for simplicity sake you don’t have to make room for fingers you can just make a “bulb” at the end of the glove.

Step 4: Assembly and Lights!

The order of assembly is as follows: put the onsie on the baby, but the baby in the carrier, attach the carrier cover by tucking into the carrier, then wrap a small battery operated strand of led lights around each hand, cover with the gloves and pop on the little booties...and watch your little one fly away!

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