''Little Prince'' Balsa Light Box




Introduction: ''Little Prince'' Balsa Light Box

Here is my first instructable by making a small light box with a shelf at the bottom made from balsa wood. Its an easy project and it needs limited tools.

Step 1: Tools That You'll Need

Balsa wood 5mm thick

wood glue

snap-off blade knife

soldering iron

3 leds

on-off button

a thin plexiglass (you can take it from a frame that you have )

an AAA battery case

Step 2: Cut the Frames

cut the balsa frames on the size that you want , depent on how big you want your box.Mine was about 100mm tall. and glue them.

Step 3: Let It Dry

Never be in hurry , and always enjoy the ''trip'' that your projects offer. So after your box is assembled let it dry and work on something else like making the bottom box and the little knob

Step 4: The Knob and Bottom Box

make the bottom box and make a knob.

Since we said '' limitted tools'' you will need to make the knob manually . It will be a bit tricky (or not...depents your skills)

Step 5: Paint and Desing Your Box

paint your box with a spray and design as you wish.

i used a blue paint and i designed with yellow stars

at the backside of the box i made a sliding door in order to change the batteries

Step 6: Print Your Theme

print your theme , glue it on a piece of balsa wood and cut it.

i glue them in a way that i can hide behind them a LED and in order to give a 3D taste on the project

Step 7: Solder Your LEDS

take your solder iron and solder the LEDS and the battery case and the on-off button

Step 8: Test Run

always before the final assemble make a ''test run'' to see if everything lights correctly

Step 9: Finishing

hot glue the connection the LEDS and the button inside the box and you are done!!

Step 10:

and there it is sitting with our ''little prince '' collection.

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    I LOVED that book! This is so adorable!!!!