EASY Little Red Riding Hood Cloak

Introduction: EASY Little Red Riding Hood Cloak

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Welcome to my page, this step by step tutorial will focus on designing a Little Red Riding Hood cloak for kids. The following steps could be applied to create other various costumes.


In order to begin this project few materials are required. You will need a scissor, measuring tape, 1/2 meter of fabric in the colour red (or of choice), and a sewing machine.

Step 2: STEP 1: Measurement & Cutting the Fabric

Ensure you have the measurement of the child's height (length from shoulder down to the point of where the cloak should end) and around the back neck collar (please make sure to check the embedded YouTube video for a better understanding). Once, you have finalized the required measurement fold the fabric in half once and then again (corners to corners). Using your back neck measurement draw a semi-circle at the top corner of the fabric. The same step used to create a circle skirt should be applied, again please check our the YouTube video provided to see these steps linked in a separate video.

Step 3: Step 2: the Hood

To create the hood for this cloak trace a hood from the child's pre-existing hoodie or top. Afterwards, attach the cut out hood to the fabric from Step 1. Remember to sew the wrong sides together and hem around the cloak for a neater finish. If desired, add embellishments such as ribbons, pockets, or buttons to the cloak!

Hope this help, if you have any questions please be free to leave them down below!


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