Introduction: Little Red Riding Wolf

The little red riding hood was not devoured by the big bad wolf but very well bitten!! So she became a werewolf, ready to bite you!!

Step 1: The Red Cape

It's usually made like the first figure.
Mine is not symmetric to hide a little more the wolf's side. The size are to be seen according to your morphology and to the effect wanted.

it's a big rectangle (around 1,5m by 1m) and a small rectangle (around 0,6m by 0,45m) of red felt.

follow the second figure to see how I sew mine.

at the end, had a buttoning system (button, pincer, press stud, zip) I choose a strap pincer, that I decorated with a wolf's form in black felt.

no need to hem, as felt don't fray

Step 2: The Blouse

I used an already made blouse, a little bit big.

I turned it inside out and sew the 2 thickness of fabric along the buttonholes top to bottom.

I then cut a low V-neck in front and a straight for the back. I cut the sleeves at mid arm.

As it was a little loose, I sew an elastic along the shoulders, with a zig zag stitch. I did the same with the 2 sleeves.

I finished by sewing a red ribbon and a litlle lace along the V-neck.

Step 3: The Waistcoat

I took an existing waistcoat that I like, and transferred the form of the back and one side on a paper, then cut it on a black cotton fabric with 1 cm all around, for the seams.

I sew the sides with the back then tried it inside out.

I drew the underside of my bra on one side while wearing it.

I cut at 1 cm of the line, notched the curb, then made the hem. I made the other side symmetrical.

I finished by hem on top, bottom and sleeves.

I sew buttonhole elastic on the 2 edge at the center of the sides.

I laced a red ribbon on the buttonhole elastic.

Step 4: The Skirt and Tail

the skirt is a square of supple red fabric. I cut a hole in the center of it.

I sew a large elastic around the hole on 3/4 of the length only.

I folded my fur in 2, right sides facing, then sew a form as seen in fig 4. I cut at 1cm of the seam, then turned it inside out. with a seam ripper, I took out the fur which get stuck in the seam. I stuffed it then slipped the open side between the large elastic and the red fabric. I finished the seam with the 3 thickness by hand.

my red fabric is a Jersey, so no hem!

Step 5: Ears

cut 2 times each form of figure 5 on thick felt.

Be Careful of the direction of the fur!!

with a glue gun, stick the top one on grey fur (think to make the 2 symmetrical!!) cut the fur at 1 cm all around the felt.

stick the 1 cm remaining of the fur on the felt to (like a hem) on the 2 top side but not on the bottom.

spread glue on the bottom of the fur, and stick the roundish edge of the second form on it.

cut a form 1 cm lowest of the top form on a white fur, then stick it with the glue gun, on the inside of the ear. add little tuft of white fur to hide all the felt.

then stick a hair clips on the bottom of each ears.

Step 6: The Bracelet

cut a diamond form on fur, and sew a little elastique.

you have your bracelet

Step 7: The Makeup

I put the wolf's lens first.

Idecided my right side will be the wolf, and the left the little red riding hood.

I began with the wolf :

So I painted in white a big smile on the wolf's half of my face.

then I painted around in black, not really uniformly, mostly to darken it.

I drew black diamond-shaped form in the white smil, to let appear pointed teeth.

I then drew some short line with white, then with the brush, I blur it. I add grey short line and blur, black ones, white ones, grey ones... until it seems like a fur.

I underline the "smile" with a black line. for the eye I make a pointed shape upward for the outside of the eye, and downward for the inside of the eye.

for the girl side

I painted the eyelid as far as the eyebrow in pearly white.

I added a black line under the lash

I made with a brown pencil freckles

I applied a shiny pink lip gloss.

It's done!

Step 8: Details

I added bloody smeared white knee socks, little black ballet shoes.

a straw basket with pancake, butter, false eye, bones, fly agaric, worm candy... anything you can thing that will fit, and make for funny or scary accessory!! cover it with a red and white checked cloth, or a red fabric.

I added a pointed choker, I did my hair so a big lock fell in front of the wolf' side, the riding hood over the ears, the cape over the tail, and go have fun!!