Introduction: Little Solar Panel 12v to 5v Regulated

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This is an example for made an emergency USB charger with a solar cell.

In this case I use a 12V solar cell. I repurposed other components from an old computer board.

It's regulated at 5V 1A with this build, for an higher current use LM1084 (5A) instead of LM7805.

Step 1: Parts List

Step 2: Schematic and Soldering

Respect the schematic and solder component at good place.

Use a C1 capacitor with a voltage higher than input voltage ! (25V is good for me)

Before soldering solar cell, turn back the panel for generate 0V.

Soldering under voltage could damaged gears.

It's a very basic schematic.

Step 3: Testing With Solar Shine

Place your panel in front of the sun for looking the led shining.

Your emergency solar charger are able to work.

It's depend of the kind of solar panel for charging time.

Also you could powering an arduino garden project.

LM7805 is limited at 1A max so for an higher current. (LT1086 for 1.5A or LM1084 for 5A)