Little Witch- 3D Printing Pen- Halloween




Introduction: Little Witch- 3D Printing Pen- Halloween

Trick or Treat!! :D

Making a little witch with 3D printing pen

The pen used in this video is the Tipey and the PLA filaments are from Dikale

Here are the links for these 2 products:

3D pen-

PLA filaments-

If you live in Europe you can find links in the video description.

Step 1: Structure of the Figurine

Using 2 cotton paper balls and a toothpick for the structure.

Step 2: Head and Hat

Using one of the cotton balls for the head

This 3D pen have 3 levels of speed. The lower one is really low, and that give us time to draw very slowly and give more attention to details.

Also, drawing in the air is much more easy, even with the PLA filament... the filament cools very fast :D

I'm also using an acrylic bloc to make some separated parts, like the base of the hat and the bow.

To allow the shapes to fit the hat and to give shape to the bow I use a lighter, but you can use a heat gun as well to soften the filament.

Step 3: Body

Starting with some lines for the structure of the dress and filling it.

Using portions of filament for the arms and legs.

Step 4:

For the base I'm using a piece of wood and covering it with green filament to simulate the grass

Step 5: The Basket

using another cotton ball to make the basket

Little points of different PLA colors will simulate the candies

And it's ready!

Super easy to make and a cute Halloween decoration piece! :D

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    4 years ago

    you have some serious skills .