Introduction: Little Wooden Cars

My little cousin loves cars and his birthday is coming closer so i had to find a birthday gift but the car toys in shops are so expensive. Thats why i made some pretty cool cars for him by myself and how i did it, you can see in this instructable!

Step 1: What Do We Need?


☞ plank


☞ figure saw

Step 2: Get Your Design(s)!

I drawed my cars by myself, but if you aren't a good car drawer you can google some car designs!

Step 3: Saw It!

Now you just have to saw out this awesome looking cars and you're done!

Step 4: Sand! (optional)

Now you can sand the corners if you want!

Step 5: DONE!

Here you got some pictures of the cars I've made. I hope you liked my project and If you made one too, don't forget to post a picture of it in the comments!

Thanks guys!

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