Introduction: Little Shop of Horrors Button Hole

Something a bit out of the ordinary for me... a tutorial you can't eat!

Ideal for weddings and special occasions, perfect for alternative weddings and movie fans.

You will need:

Florists wire, florists tape, Fimo (ideally Fimo soft) in 2 shades of green, grey, orange, purple, pink, red and white. A florists/hat pin, badge back or safety-pin for each button-hole.

A modelling/cutting tool and a flat clean surface to work on.

Step 1: Audrey Head

Knead the dark green fimo and roll a large and a small ball of fimo in the darker green for each ‘Audrey2′.
Flatten the both pieces at the front (into a bulbous, tear-drop shape).

The pieces should now look like this, but don’t stick them together just yet…

Knead the lighter green fimo, roll into a long sausage shape and flatten.

Stick the flattened pieces around the flattened edges.

Knead the purple fimo, roll into a ball, then flatten into a tear-drop shape.

Stick this inside the lower (smaller) head piece.

Knead and roll a small piece of pink fimo into a tongue shape.

Stick the tongue into the lower mouth piece. Stick the 2 head parts together.

Step 2: The Mouth

For the male Audrey roll 2 sausages of orange paste.

For the female make 2 sausages of pink.

For the female only, mark a cut in the centre of the sausage for lips.

Stick this on centre top of her mouth. Stick the other sausage on as the bottom lip. Repeat this in orange for the male (without the upper lip bow).

Roll a long, very thin sausage of grey paste.

Cut this into sections and lay them across the head as veins.

Cut smaller sections for shorter off shoots of the main veins.

Repeat for both male and female.

Roll a sausage of white fimo.

Cut it into short sections.

Taper the pieces at one end by rolling them with your finger to make teeth.

Use the modelling tool to stick each tooth in by pressing the base onto the head.

Add about 6 teeth to the top and bottom.

Step 3: Leaves

Half a piece of florists wire, bend the folded end over at 90 degrees.

Stick this into the back of the head

Roll out 5 balls of fimo (for each Audrey) and flatten into leaves.

Mark a centre vein on each.

Mark diagonal sections.

Repeat for all 5 leaves.

Sick the leaves, evenly spaced around the head.

(Back view)

Cut 5 pieces of florists wire, the longest just as long as the stem of the head. Bend the end over on itself to form a small loop.

Make another 5 leaves

Insert the wire into the leave, making sure no wire is exposed through any gaps.

Mark the veins down the centre and the diagonal sections.

Completed leaves:

(make 5 for each ‘Audrey2′)

Step 4: Rose Head

For the female head ‘rose’, roll 5 circles
of purple paste, flatten. Wrap around the head overlapping by about 1/3 onto the next one. Curl back the edges to make petal shapes.

Add the leaves to the outside of the ‘rose’.


Step 5: Floristy Bit...

Now for the floristy bit…

If you haven’t used florists tape before I’d recommend having a play with it before working on your project. The tape becomes sticky when stretched, so hold the tape firmly onto the wire and pull the tape taught.

For the leaves, wrap the tape around the wire and onto itself. The tape should stick. Holding the wire tightly in your fingers, and pulling the tape with the other hand until it stretches, turn the wire in your fingers, wrapping the tape around the wire to the bottom.

Repeat with each leaf and the wires on the head pieces.

Take the wrapped head and first leaf pieces (the one with the longest wire) Bind them together with florists tape. (Hold both pieces together, wrap the tape around at the top, turn the pieces in your fingers, holding the tape taught).

Carry on along the whole length of the wire.

Take the next 2 leaves, bend one left and one right, attach at either side of the head.

Repeat for leaves 4 and 5.

Step 6: All Done!

Repeat for the female head.

If you are using a florists pin to attach, you’ve now finished your button-holes. Insert the pin top to bottom, through the ‘Audrey2′ and the fabric of your garment. If you want to use safety pin or brooch pin open the pin, and attach the larger side to the button-hole with florists tape.

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