Introduction: Live 4G/5G HD Video Streaming From DJI Drone at Low Latency [3 Steps]

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The following guide will help you get live HD-quality video streams from almost any DJI drone. With the help of the FlytOS Mobile App and FlytNow Web Application, you can start streaming video from the drone.


Step 1: Required Materials

Following devices are required for Live Video Streaming from Drone:

  1. Supported DJI Drone with RC: A Supported DJI Drone will be required from which video will be transmitted to the Ground Control Station. The supported DJI Drone list can be found on this link.
  2. Android Mobile Device: A Supported Android Mobile Device with ANDROID 5.0.0+ is required to connect to DJI Drone’s remote controller. A 4G/5G internet connection is also required on Android Device. The supported Android Device list can be found on this link.
  3. Laptop/PC: A laptop or PC with a 4G/5G internet connection will be required as a Ground Station Unit to view live streaming from DJI drone.
  4. USB Cable: Micro USB cable or C-type cable is required to connect the Android mobile device to the drone’s remote controller.

Step 1: Setup FlytNow Account & Install FlytOS Android App

Before proceeding towards the connection, first, we need to configure 2 things android mobile device and FlytNow account.

  1. To set up the FlytNow account, create a FlytNow account using this link. Navigate to the link, click on create a user account.
  2. Once the FlytNow account is created. Download a FlytOS Android App from the Google Playstore.

Step 2: Drone Setup & Connection

After successfully setting up the FlytNow account and Android Device, the next step is to connect the drone to the Mobile App and to the Ground station Unit.

  1. Power on the drone and the remote controller.
  2. Connect the mobile device to a remote controller via USB-Cable.
  3. Open FlytOS App from the prompt and select ‘Always’.
  4. Once the App is open, log in using the credentials of the account that you have created above.
  5. After a successful login, click on the ‘register drone’ button and enter the drone’s nickname and click on the ‘register’ button.
  6. Once registration is complete, the Mobile app window will show the connection status as connected.
  7. Click on the top-right icon to start the video stream.

Step 3: Viewing Live Video Stream on Remote Station

In the Laptop/PC, open URL in the browser.

  1. Login using the credentials of the FlytNow account.
  2. Follow the user onboarding wizard to add a drone in FlytNow. In the FlytNow web application, select a drone from the list that will contain the drone which you have registered above. Select the correct drone and click on ‘Add’, followed by the ‘Start-trial’ button.
  3. Once the drone is added, you can see the drone list in the main dashboard and the live video can be seen on the top right window of the FlytNow user interface. Enjoy the live video stream from the drone.

Note: Make sure you close the FlytOS android app, to stop the video stream.

So far we have achieved live video streaming from drones, in simple, quick steps. Another reason to choose FlytNow is its capabilities to manage live streaming from a fleet of drones. I hope you like the guide, if so, please feel free to share it with your fellow friends and colleagues. Thank you.