Introduction: Live Air Traffic on YOUR Computer!!!!!

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This instructable will teach you how to look at various airports air traffic (only includes major international airports).

I am not liable for the use of the information contained in this instructable.

If you are planning any terrorist attacks (which I hope not), then please don't mention me... lol

Now to the Instructable...

Step 1: The Website!!!

Click the link: Yes, this one. Accept the Terms and conditions and continue. You are now viewing Sydney International Airport's air traffic!

To change the airport, type into the address bar: http://[INSERT AIRPORT CODE HERE]

Please Note: There are limitations too webtrack. You cannot go outside of the radar area. All US air traffic radars are password protected. Webtrack does not support all airports. Only major international airports like Heathrow.

Step 2: How to Use Webtrack

This is the bonus part of this Instructable.

How to use Webtrack

Ok, when you are in webtrack, you may see plane icons. Green and red. Green means taking off. Red means landing at that airport. Big airplane icons indicate interstate and international flights and little ones indicate regional. If you see a plane with green and yellow on it, then that means that the plane is not from the airport that you are viewing.

If you click on an airplane, you get it's flight details as in the picture below. (I'm using Melbourne International Airport (mcy)) Also, I just clicked on all available airplanes.

If you are interested in other airports, then take the codes from This website. Some airports like Hong Kong might not work. Webtrack can't be in every country!

Step 3: Just for Fun...

Take a look at this screen-shot I did of Heathrow Airport! This is loopy! There are so many planes to count!

Please send in your screen-shot and I'll post it on the next step...

Thanks for reading!

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