Introduction: Live Edge Standing Bar

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Pretty straight forward process of how I made a Live Edge Standing Bar. Or sitting will stools if you choose.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Glaze coat of your choosing. I went with Glaze coat from Lowes

Shelf bracket I purcharsed something a little more decorative but also was the sturdiest I found I likes.

Draw knife as pictured.

Standard screws.

Stud Finder


Belt sander / orbital sander


Step 2: Wood

I started this project with a slab of maple. 2 inch thick 10 to 12 inch wide and around 7 1/2 foot long

Step 3: Removing the Bark

Using the draw knife i removed all the bark leaving it still a rough look and finish but a clean surface.

I did this in my basement warm so it would dry out. Next time I would not recommend doing this over carpet! Clean up was a bear!

Step 4: Prep and Sanding

I went back to the garage after it sat inside for a week or more drying.

I first just a belt sander to flatten as much as possible as quick as possible.

then ran over it with the orbital sander. 180 to 220. This may have been over kill with adding the top epoxy coat but boy was it smooth!

Step 5: Applying the Glaze Coat

I do hope this video loads correctly

Im applying the Glaze Coat in a quick time lapse video.

My mistakes and some helpful hints.

The Maple has worm holes and voids which i loved and thought would add character. This being my first full Glaze coat project I wish i would have filled the voids first then flood the surface after.

Here is why. As I totally flooded the surface the worm holes would fill then push the air out which I had to use the torch multiple times.

I also messed up by using a foam brush. I read I could use it but I personally would not use it again but a scraper or something that will not absorb but push the epoxy around.

Step 6: Let It Dry

Took some pictures showing the shine this big of a project it says to let it sit for 48 hours.

I respected this and just let it dry before touching or moving.

Step 7: Installing Brackets and Finished.

Using a stud finder get a plan on how your bar slab will fit.

I personally wanted enough room that the other bar stools could still move and sit comfortably.

Placing my brackets around 38 inch mark trying to shoot for a 40-41 overall height with top

I installed my 5 brackets on the wall leveling each one to the other.

Mount the top and screw it all together.

To my sadness as pictured if looking at a side angle you can see the offset of my wall front facing you can not see at all. I thought about quarter round but nothing looked right so i left it but may want to consider this before you mount it.

Step 8: All Done

Ask any questions you may have.

I will add the Picture is centered to the wall and the room. It will be moved to center over the bar once everything is finished.

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