Introduction: Live Radio Raspberry FM Transmitter

About: My name is Tijn Vos. I am 17 years old, live in the Netherlands, have my own workstation. I like to work with wood, metal and electronics. I like to build stuff to keep my mind going. Follow me …

This is one of my latest projects that I've been working on, it's a Retro Raspberry Pi radio transmitter. With this invention you are able to simply enter a FM frequency and talk on your favourite channel in a range of about 200 metres. It has a build in 9 volt battery with a 5vdc regulator. I finished it with a nice mahony-brass case. Hope you like it.

Step 1: Installing PiFm and Special Codes

PiFM was originally created by Oliver Mattos and Oskar Weigl, and revised by Ryan Grassel. After the Pifm install I installed a Tft touch screen. Maybe in some future project I will install a touchscreen option like some application menu. I also have written some codes and build a usb microphone. To finish it of I soldered pin 4 to the brass case to function as antenna.

Step 2: Finished Product

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Step 3: