Living Hinge Phone Stand



Introduction: Living Hinge Phone Stand

Living hinge phone stand is an idea I inspired while seeing someone else was working on the wood phone back. Personally, I really want to find a good phone case with a cool but simple shape, also with the function of phone stand so that I can watch videos while doing something else with my hands. Thinking about the techniques we learned from the last quarter, living hinge gave me an idea base on its flexibility. That is the start of my living hinge phone stand.

  • Bettering understanding, realize the Difficulties
  • Asking for help, illustrator designing
  • Revising and Cutting
  • Thoughts and Feedback

Step 1: Bettering Understanding, Realize the Difficulties

  • Online

I searched for some living hinge project online and most of which do not use its flexibility as a function, it is just part of the design. That could not help me much to understand the feature of the living hinge so I have to make some sample for further information.

  • Pattern, width, and length

As for an iPhone 7 phone case, there is not too much space to use. Therefore I need to think about the space living hinge using correctly to make sure it won't be fragile and also keep a good angle with the surface

  • Adobe Illustrator

I was still unfamiliar with the software we need to work with and I don't know how to utilize some of the functions.

  • Time management

Need to figure out which time period is free every week in order to get progress done.

Step 2: Asking for Help, Illustrator Designing

    After acknowledging my lack in those areas, I asked several people for help, Kathryn, my roommate, and staff in CoMotion Lab

    • Kathryn

    As the instructor, Kathryn pretty much knows what do I need to achieve, therefore she gave me some suggestions such as using the cardboard to start prototype with a handmade project to get a very impression for myself. She then taught me how to utilize some functions in Illustrator, that also helps me later on in revision by myself.

    During our second meeting, Kathryn taught me a new way to take down notes. That works really well on me and I have taken better notes in this way.

    • David

    As my roommate, I always ask questions about my project when he is willing to give me some advice. He gave me the idea of the style of the living hinge should be.

    • Staff

    Staff in CoMotion Lab also helped me a lot when I was struggling with how to make the setting for laser cutting.

    Step 3: Revising and Cutting

    I spent the majority of my time in the CoMotion Lab.

    Revising is the part I keep improving my design on the software( ai file).

    Cutting is the process I get the work printed out from the laser cutter.

    I felt so proud when there are actual things cutting out of my design.

    Step 4: Thoughts and Feedback

    After finishing this project, I actually felt satisfied and a little bit lonely. This program lasts for 2 quarters and it already becomes a part of my academic life. Through this, I know a lot of new friends, more info about laser cutter, the way to take notes, and so much more. I received so much from this project and all I want to do is appreciate. This let me create something in my thoughts which indeed surprised myself I am capable of being creative and productive.

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      3 years ago

      Thanks for sharing your experiments in hinges!