Introduction: Living Room for Movie With Shelly

Project Executive summary

How to create a very simple automation using google home routines to make my room living room comfortable to watch a movie.


Parts needed

In my Living room I have 3 main lights circuits and a floor lamp.

  • 2 x Shelly 1V3 è On/Off led strip and floor lamp
  • 1 x Shelly Dimmer è control and dim the spotlights
  • 1 x Panamalar IR controller (SmartLife app)
  • 1 x Google Home mini

Step 1: Shelly Installation and Wiring

Shelly 1 and shelly dimmer are installed directly behind the electrical switch of each line or, if there is not enough space, in the junction box.

In particular for what concern my installation:

  • Led strip: Shelly 1 behind the electrical switch
  • Spotlights: Shelly LED in the junction box
  • Floor lamp: Shelly 1 behind the plug.
  • The google home mini and the IR controller are connected through a standard 230V/5V usb charger.

In my living room there are three different setups for each light line.

Step 2: Wiring

Wiring of:

  • Led strip: Electric diverter setup
  • Spotlights: Series of push buttons
  • Floor lamp: Electrical plug

Step 3: User Interface Settings and Integration With Other Systems

The three devices Shelly devices are added to the shelly App.

The IR controller is added in the Smart Life App. It is necessary to create a “TAP-to-Run” automation, which turns on the TV. This is fundamental as google Home does not allows to turn on/off natively in the Routines the TV.

The Two Apps are both added to the Google Home App.

The central part of the project is the creation of the Routine in Google home, which seamlessly allows the different components to work together.

I have chosen the vocal command “Movie Time”. The system than starts a sequence of 3 steps, first turns on the TV, then switches off the lights and finally say a phrase (enjoy your movie).

Step 4: Conclusion

The project makes turn off and on some light and switch the tv on to make perfect light to watch a movie with few components and ease of installation.