Introduction: Living Wall Art

Want to bring the outdoors in?  Here is a quick project using Air plants  you can add to any room for an outdoorsy feel.   This project works esp well for bathrooms!  The best part is that you do not need to water regularly like a potted plant! 

Air plants
Thin wire
Glue gun
Sheet moss
Any other decorative mosses

Step 1: Frame the Moss

Using the frame measure the amount you will need and cut off the correct portion from the sheet of moss.   Have your glue gun ready to glue each side to the inside of the frame. 

Step 2: Position Your Plants

Now its time to figure out if you would like to create a vertical or horizontal piece of art.  Be sure to keep in mind where your hook is on the back of your frame.   Decide on a plant arrangment you like once your choosen the orientation.   Secure the plants in place with the thin wire, you should be able to send the wire right through the moss sheet easily.   I wrapped my plants twice and then twisted the wire on the reverse side to secure.

Step 3: Decorate

Your last step is to add some natural details with the extra moss decorations.  Remember when you are decorating that odd numbers look more natural.  :)   Enjoy!  

Be sure to mist every few days(if not in a bathroom) and allow the plants to get filtered sun, not direct sun.  ( Look up specific instructions based on the plants you buy.)

The cost for this project is fairly inexpensive, here were my costs...
plants: $11 for all 3
frame: $6 at Micheals(8x10), you can easily make a frame or use an old one you already have
Sheet moss: $5 at Micheals
decorative mosses: $5 at Micheals
Total: $27