Introduction: Lo-Fi Acoustic-Electric From Children's Guitar

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I apologize in advance for any low-quality photos, and the fact that I became to involved with making this monster to document the steps. Also, this is my first instructable.

Step 1: Finished Product

I forgot to take pictures while I made it, but I've posted the finished product. This is my first instructable. I used a beat-up children's guitar that I had paired for fun a while ago, a set of heavily-used tuners from one of my real guitars, two old bass pickups, an old record, wire, soldering supplies, 1/4" jack, and an assortment of screws and washers. One of the pickups was broken, so I used the pickup rods and magnet from it; the magnet was attached to the back of the working pickup (in hope to strengthen the pickup), and the rods I used as the bridge. I sanded the backs of the rods and soldered a wire to them, which lead to the ground of the jack to prevent the strings from causing feedback. The working pickup was mounted with a piece I cut from an old record (spent a while designing the mount, too), and wired straight to the jack. The nut was reversed (as I am left handed), and I made a new but using six screws with standard head channels to keep the strings from moving side to side. One of the tuners was broken, so I cut the old tuner from the metal plate and used it in place. I used screws and washers for the string trees. The pickup picks up the middle four strings very (surprisingly, to say the least) well, and even though there aren't the rods for the highest and lowest strings, it picks them up also (albeit fainter) as the doubled-up magnet improves the pickup's ability. I will post better pictures when I get a chance.

Step 2: More Photos

I have plans to create two single-string pickups and mount them, and when I do, I will upload (hopefully) pictures of me making them. Or, at least, the finished product 2.0
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