Introduction: Lo-Fi Space Helmet

These are open instructions for making yourself a lo-fi space* helmet** from household trash.***

*Don't wear your space helmet into space.

**This is a helmet for human space travel. Which is to say that it is neither an alien helmet nor a robot garment of any sort.

***It's trash until you make a space helmet with it, at which point it becomes a component. Space travel is confusing, I know.

Step 1: Supplies

Lots of junk. (You will find this in junk drawers, under your bed, in your roommates top drawer, anywhere.)
A large box or popcorn tin. (Must be big enough to fit your head)
Hot glue.
Metallic silver spray paint.

Step 2: Assemble

Take all of your junk and glue it to the outside of something that will fit over your head.

Don't forget to cut eye holes. It is a helmet for humans in space, they are not telepathic, they need to see.

The placement of junk could be aesthetic, but you might also consider futuristic utility.
We chose a prophylactic for the third eye, for instance.

Step 3: Paint

Take your helmet somewhere safe. Paint every inch of this contraption with metallic silver spray paint.

This idea is borrowed from the band The Phenomenauts. Their van looks like this.

Step 4: Go to Space