Introduction: "Loading" Christmas Card

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This is a cool and festive "Retro Loading Screen" christmas card. It features 8-bit clip art and a retro computer font. This a perfect Christmas card for any techie.

Step 1: Supplies

Here is a list of what you will need:

Packing tape
Black tape
X-ACTO knife
Stiff white paper
A printer

OPTIONAL: Adhesive roller

Step 2: Printing and Cutting

First you will need to load your stiff paper into your printer. Once that is done, you will need to print the 3-page-PDF in this step AFTER SCALING IT DOWN TO 75%. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you do this. Most computers/laptops have a percentage scale in their print window. BE SURE THE SCALE IS SET TO 75%. After the 3 pages have printed, you will take the first one and an X-ACTO knife and begin cutting out the white rectangles in the middle of the card.

Step 3: More Cutting

Next, you will cut around the card's border; cutting the card out. (You don't need the X-ACTO knife for this.) Be sure to cut out the little white square on the right. Then, on a blank sheet of paper you will trace the part of the card you just cut out. (It does not matter if you trace the square indent on the right or not. Either way you will eventually have to cut out a little square there anyway.)  Now simply cut out the shape you made with your pencil. It should be the same size as the part of the card you printed.

Step 4: Assembling the Card

Now what you need to do is cut the green rectangle out of the paper it was in. Once you have the green rectangle you can use the adhesive roller (or a glue stick or regular tape) to stick it on the piece you cut out from the last step. It should be a little bit above the bottom of the paper. Look at the picture for a more accurate placement of the green rectangle.

To combine the two pieces (the one that says "loading" and the one with the green bar), you will need to first place them directly on top of each other (the "loading" one should be on top). Next, you will put a strand of tape one one edge of the card leaving half to hang off, then fold the half that is hanging off to the back of the card. Basically what you are doing is sticking them together from the outside. Do this to all of the edges except the right edge.

Step 5: Finishing

Finally you will cut out the last part of the card (the one that says "Merry Christmas!"). Once it is cut out you will use some black tape to make a thick black line across the bottom of the card. See the photo for more exact placement. The tape should go all the way across the card and it's height should be enough so that when you put it in the "loading envelope" , all you see through the rectangular hole is black, not green. Now you are done! You can put it back in the "loading envelope" and test it out to make sure it has the right effect.

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