Introduction: Loading Effect in Batch

This is second instructable .. so still go easy on me .. ty

This script is a loading script .. well it only looks like one , it doesn't actually load anything .. its if you just want the effect of something in a batch file to seem like it is loading ...
I will give you the script and i will show you how i did it ...
please leave a comment about what you thought ... Thanks

Also because of how awesome El Mano is =P
somewhere on the comments he has posted a better version of this..
Thanks El Mano =D .. saves me the work of posting it.

Step 1: Steal My Script

OK if you can't be bothered to see how it works then you can just steal my script . I attached it . so you will have to delete one of the 'b's off the file extension for it to be readable.. and you will have to edit what it says at the top of the script .. and remove the 'By iRule' at the bottom of the script.. if something doesn't work please pm me or leave a comment...

Step 2: How It Works

OK this is a pretty simple script ..
All it uses is:
ping localhost -n 2 >nul = pause for X seconds - i paused for 2 here
cls = clear the batch screen
echo = to display the loading bar and writing

All the script dose is:
display loading at 0
pause for X seconds
Clear screen
Display loading at 5
and it keeps doing this untill its at 100
pretty simpe eh?

Hope you liked it ... please comment and pm me with any question .....