Lobster/Seafood Pan Roast

Introduction: Lobster/Seafood Pan Roast

The Atlantis Casino in Reno, Nevada has a restaurant located on the Sky Bridge that has for years been serving the most incredible Lobster Pan Roast. Its made fresh to order and is always a real treat. Its one of my Wife's favorite meals. Its spicy warm and highlights the seafood you choose to use.

Having mover to the Pacific Northwest monthly trips to enjoy a meal there has become impossible. But access to great fresh seafood that is sometimes caught in the morning (when the fish are biting) and cooked that night makes this dish even better.

So starting with some tips and hints given to me by the generous Chef's at the Atlantis Seafood Bar. I set out to recreate my version of this great dish.

It called Lobster Pan Roast at the restaurant but it is great with any seafood. I have made it with Cod, Crab, Flounder, Salmon, Smoked Salmon or a combination of your choice. It easy to make and adjust spices to suit your taste.

It is a great dish year round.


Step 1: Ingredients

1. White Wine. I use a nice Oakey Chardonnay 1 Cup

2. Clam Juice Available in most Supermarkets 1 Cup

3. Heavy Cream 30 or 36% 1 Cup

4. Cocktail Sauce Use a good quality Cocktail Sauce of your choice 1/2 Cup

5 Lemon 1/2 lemon juiced into the pot 1/2 Juiced

6. Butter Unsalted Butter 1/2 Cup

7. Celery Salt 1 tsp.

7. Garlic As much as you like I use about 2 Tbs. fresh 2 Tbs.

8.Tobasco Tabasco reg or Smokey 3/4 to 1 tsp

9. Worcestershire Thick or thin your choice 1 tsp

10 Protein Lobster, Crab, Cod, Flounder, Salmon fresh 1 Lb. or More

or smoked

Step 2: Put It All Together

Now the easy part

In a large Pot combine the Wine, Cam sauce, Lemon, Butter, Fresh Garlic, Celery Salt, Tabasco, and Worcestershire.

REVISION to this reciepe as follows:

Bring Everything to a Boil, Add the Heavy cream and Cocktail Sauce. Then Add the Seafood (cut into small pieces and take off the Heat and cover all to sit for about 5 minutes and serve. The Hot Soup is hot enough to perfectly cook the Seafood and not over cook it.

Update to this recipe. I hade the opportunity to make this on air during a local radio show Broadcast Seattle Kitchen. Everyone loved It but they had a great suggestion. Because it was on radio and being done live timing was a difficult(for me) So the fish was slightly over cooked and the Chefs had a suggestion that I tried the next time I cooked it and it worked great.

Thanks to Tom, Terry and Katy whose suggestion made this an even better dish. And check out Seattle Kitchen pod casts for more great cooking tips.

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    4 years ago

    Sorry, but this is incorrect in many ways. The one on genius kitchen is much closer.


    Reply 4 years ago

    Thanks for the feedback. Have you made my recipe? I too have sat at the bar many times and watched them make and the Chief there gave me the recipe and showed me how to make it. But to each his own.


    Question 4 years ago

    Are you sure it is clam sauce and not clam juice?? I have sat at the bar several times and watched, dont remember ever seeing a "sauce" go in......


    Reply 4 years ago

    Typo on my Part and yes it is Juice.


    6 years ago

    THANK YOU gor posting!
    Short story...long. The last time I was in Reno was eleven years ago, when I flew into Reno late one evening for a 3 day business conference. When I checked into The Atlantis I asked the Front Desk for restaurant options. I felt like Steven Wright when told that the 24 Hour Restaurant was closed for cleaning. ("But the sign says Open 24 Hours!" "Yes, but not in a row!")
    The only place still open was a small "Oyster Bar" located on an enclosed walkway.
    Ordered the Oyster Pan Roast and the top of my head blew off when I tasted the magnificent elixer. While in Reno I tried to eat as many different Pan Roasts that my schedule would allow.
    A few weeks later I called and was disapointed when the Manager denied my request to cover any expenses for them to overnight some Pan Roasts due to possible spoiling.
    Those Pan Roasts have remained in my list of Top 5 Best Things I Have Ever Eaten. This from a person who is a member of the group that wake up in the morning and start thinking about dinner.
    Have never tried to make a Pan Roast but cannot wait to try your recipe. No Pan Roast I have tried in other restaurants have come close to those at The Atlantis.