Introduction: Local Admin Account

This instructable goes over how to theoretically go about changing the local root password on Mac OS X to gain full admin privileges.

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Step 1: Why?

Me and my friend discovered this while trying to beat the various sysadmins at my school.

As long as what you are doing is within the UN declaration of human rights, I don't care.

Step 2: Find a Mac

This only works on OS X (there are different methods for other *nixes), so first, find one.

As long as it runs a DARWIN-based kernel, this will work.

Step 3: Turn It On!

Turn on the Mac.

As soon as the screen starts up, press and hold {apple} + {S}.

From here a black screen with a lot of text pops up.

You have now entered single user mode.

Step 4: Single User Mode

After text has stopped popping up, type /etc/ rc/ .

At this point a huge amount of text will come at you at a million miles an hour.

When stuff has stopped coming up, press {return} and then type passwd root

Type in whatever you want the password to be, confirm it and after it says root password successfully changed (or something like that), reboot the computer by using the power button.

Step 5: Et Voila!

Sign in with the user name : root and whatever password you created. Congratulations! You have just beaten the demonic Sysadmins!

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(I will add photos later)

EDIT: Added photos. Will have better ones when I get Hackintosh working