Introduction: How to Locate Your Boyfriend and How to Anti-locate for Freedom

I used to have a very restrict girlfriend who always wanted to check my position hourly, either by calling myself or asking my friends.

But one day, she stopped checking. I had great time hanging out with my buddies before I found out that she was checking my position history on my iPhone, which meant I was monitored any time any day.

Com’on, I am science major. It’s time to fight back for Freedom!

This instruction is designed to help girls identify jerks and help my innocent fellows live a better life.

How you use this technique is totally up to you.

Step 1: Settings

Settings is the place where iPhone hides all those creepy tools.

Step 2: Privacy

Privacy is the place you have no privacy.

Step 3: Location Service

Apps like Facebook, Snapchat, and Tinder, use your location service here. And so does your girlfriend.

Step 4: System Service

If you have never reset this manually, your iPhone will automatically record your every position history, for those who may concern, such as your girlfriend.

Step 5: Frequent Locations

Remember, your every move within 3 days is recorded. It's not just so-called Frequent Locations.

Step 6: Target Confirmed

Since I have clear my position history before writing this instruction, this sample picture only shows my today's record at UNM.

Normally, it should be lines of position names, together with how long and how many times the holder has been there within the last 3 days.

Step 7: Clear Your History

By simply clicking Clear History, some girls will just stop here. seeing nothing.

However, if you have a CIA agent like I did, you may want some more cover up.

Step 8: Change Your IP Address

IP address is the most direct way for anyone to check your device's location, and we can never cheat on this because all the IP addresses have their fixing physical addresses. iPhone uses IP check as a primary method too.

However we can force iPhone to use GPS location system which we can cheat on, by using Proxy to manually set your IP to some ridiculous place.

For some legalistic concerns, I will not show you how to find a free proxy server in this instruction. But you should be able to find them on Google.

Open your network settings, turn HTTP PROXY to Manual, paste the server address and port number you find on Google.

Done! IP check is deactivated.

Step 9: Select Your Position History

After deactivating the IP checking function, you will have full control over your position history by simply turning on and off your Frequent Position function, which now only depends on instant GPS function.

PS: If you have not done the previous step, the system will make up for the missing position information according to your networking connection history after you turn the service on again.