Introduction: Titanium Lock Restoration


I found this chopped lock in my travels and thought it looked like it deserved some love.

I hammered out the steel pins to release the stainless steel shell. That was all it took to gain access to the guts. My only two hurdles were the cut shackle and the fact that I didn't have the key. I found a spare key that fit the hole, and determined I could make my own pins for the tumbler. This worked much better than I expected. The lock was so easy to get into in the first place, I thought it would be comical to use a soft metal for the shackle. This would also match the brass rod I intended to use to reattach the stainless steel shell.The lock works really good now.

If anyone has any info on this type of lock, please let me know. I could find no makers marks on it and have no clue what it was intended to be used for

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