Introduction: Lock Your Door With a Remote Control??

Can you lock a door with a remote?? Well, now you can do it in just five steps!!

Step 1: Parts

You will need:

1x Arduino (any flavour)

1x Servo

1x Breadboard

1x IR receiver (mine is the VISHAY TSOP2238. You can use one from an old dvd player, tv ...)

Jumper Wires

1x Remote Control

1x 100μf electrolytic capacitor

Step 2: Wire Up-1

This is just to find out the buttons code using the IR library which you can download from here.

Make sure you looked the datasheed of your ir receiver. Most can be found here.

Step 3: Find Your Buttons Code

Use the IR library to upload the IRrecvDemo.You can follow the photos. After that open the serial monitor and press a button. The buttons code will appear on the serial monitor. REMEMBER THE BUTTONS CODE YOU WANT TO USE TO LOCK AND UNLOCK YOUR DOOR!!!

Step 4: Wire Up-2

Wire up the servo and upload the code.REMEBER TO CHANGE THE BUTTONS CODE (see photo).

Step 5: Done!!!

Press the button to lock and press it again to unlock.It's time you found an awesome way to mount it on you door to lock. I recomend with a trolling door.I hope you enjoyed. Have fun!!

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