Introduction: Lock a Door Using Paracord

This instructable will show you how to temporarily lock a standard, internal door from inside or out, using a minimum of 4 feet of cord (and a padlock if you are locking the door from the outside) although for ease of use, a large paper clip and some sort of hook and a keyring can be added.

Step 1: Attach the Cord to the Door Handle

 Although this may seem simple enough, this is the hardest part of the project as the knot tends to slide along the handle to the pivot end when someone tries to turn the handle.

First, cut a length of cord aproximately 12"long and fold it in half, then tie a knot at the folded end, leaving a loop just big enough to fit the end of the door handle through. Place this over the handle with the knot at the bottom, then pull the two loose ends up over the little lumps on the end of the handle and tuck them under the top of the loop. put them back through the loop and pull upwards then the cord should be attached to the end of the handle. 

If you are using a hook and a ring (inside lock only), tie the ring to the two bits of cord hanging off the top, otherwise, just tie a big knot that you can attach the second piece of cord (from the top of the door to)

Step 2: From the Inside

 Tie a large knot in the end of a 3 foot long piece of cord and put it over the top of the door and close it, polling the cord tight. If you are using a hook (I use a small karabina), tie this to the end of the cord in a place where when hooked to the keyring, it pulls the cord tight, but not so tight as to not be able to unhook it. If you are only using cord, you can use a knot of your choice to temporarily fasten it to the cord around the handle.

For a more durable lock, a hook can be made from a large paperclip so that it fits over the door instead of using a knot. this may leave a dent so you can put a thick piece of card under it to prevent any damage.

Step 3: From the Outside

 Instead of putting a hook at the top, fold the cord over around 6-8" from the end and tie a knot, leaving a small loop. put a padlock through this loop and hang the knot over the top of the door so the lock is on the outside. Then simply close the door (making sure you have the keys with you on the outside)

To unlock the door, remove the lock, allowing the knot to be untied to the handle can be turned.

Step 4: The End

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