Introduction: Embedded Locker.

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In a blissful aura, keeping the things on the inside is something which is like a huge splash of excitement. The name 'Lock of Lock' is really an immersive part of my daily articles which is ubiquitous because of its nature, but what it does ? Simple, it lift the unauthorized approaches with its robust power. Moreover, it is also capable of embedding my small imperative belongings in such an intuitive manner that even my eyes also get oblivious of what is present before my eyes. Well, this is what i call 'LOL', an acronym of 'Lock of Lock' as this product is a vision coined impeccably and creatively too by just looking inside the workflow of IOT and in its electronics unit too. Now, let us point out the important words this instructable is designed for, the way the instructions use for elucidation. See, According to what i perceive, Creativity lives in all of our hands and this is the only thing which makes prominent icons in this world. So, in order to leverage the creativity of each and every reader, i am gonna put the light on the steps in theoretical way along with some images for defining each step. Adding to this, the images which are being used inside this session are created virtually means in softwares. So, totally imagination but with full confidence. At the last, i want to say this product can be implemented in any of the lock, whether it is your home locker or a toy or something which is not existing yet, it doesn't create any difference. I will be focusing on circuit and mechanism part. So, start scrolling down and keep your knee deep vision ( endeavor) energetic .

Working : As i have mentioned earlier, here, i am going to instruct how the insiders are working under the hood.

Let us assume, you have designed your own 'LOL'. Now, there is something you want to make some of the eyes oblivious of. So, what will you do ? You will simply put that thing(be aware of its size) inside the mini compartment present inside the lock. And then, you will lock it through your phone using blynk application and after on, whenever you want to access your belonging, just move the door aside off the room using the same.


1. ESP-01 ESP8266.

2. Connecting Wires.

3. Mini Servo motor.

4. Straws.

5. Hot Glue Gun.

6. FTDI TTL converter.

7. 3.7 V 500 mah LIPO Battery.

8. Customized body of locker of any material.

9. Arduino IDE inside your computer.

Step 1: Step 1 : Make Your Locker.

See, at the inception of this project. You must be good enough in crafting the things using as much creativity as possible . So, just go for the body of locker and land on the next step.

Step 2: Step 2 : Workflow of Components :

Please, jump on to the next step if you are familiar the working of components. Ok, so let us move ahead.

See, in this techno atmosphere, you must keep yourself up with each and every component used in this project in order to perceive a pack of fruitful and lucrative knowledge which is splendid in all of the fields you interact with.

1. ESP-01 ESP8266 = > An IOT module for making the circuit to go according to the commands over the internet.

2. Connecting Wires = > Conducting path to make 2 or more systems interconnected.

3. Mini Servo motor = > A motor which rotates from 0 to 180 degrees with respect to the signal it procures.

4. FTDI TTL converter = > A module which is used to program the microcontroller unit of ESP-01.

5. 3.7 V 500 mah LIPO Battery = > Rechargeable and powerful battery.

6. Arduino IDE inside your computer = > An Integrated Development Environment used for programming arduino boards as well as other boards through their respective libraries.

Step 3: Step 3 : Demonstration of LOL Through Images :

Please cite these images for spreading the fascinated light.

In this, the red box is the circuit box which encapsulates of all the essential circuit components. The transparent box is the compartment where the things could be stored. The blue box is basically a mini servo motor connected with a mechanism to pull and push the window which is demonstrated with black color.

Step 4: Step 4 : the Control System

First, make sure that you are well familiar with what you are gonna use in this circuit and then, go for the following points :

1. Connect the FTDI TTL Converter with ESP-01 and program it using arduino IDE. Here, you should be familiar with the working of Arduino IDE in order to design the code.

2. Then, cite the image and start making the circuit.

3. Assemble it and then drive it.

Here is an exploratory statement for you about the code and the future prophecies for developing this project:

Before the statement, first go for the learning process through Google because it is easy to do it but doing without learning it makes the way of difficulties more easier.

Statement: I want a system which can commence a particular task by just feeding the input from my phone through wireless communication. Here, i have an IOT module and the required mechanism. I have to keep one thing in my mind while making the code which is about locking the locker through the blynk app and this thing could be brought in this workflow by using a password either inside the blynk app or on the blynk app. Further, i want to protect my LOL from the intelligent approaches which could be authorized or unauthorized. So, what could be the best method for interpreting this word problem ?

Thanks for your attention.

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