Introduction: Lock Your Computer CPU Cabinet With Handheld Key

About: Electronics Hobbyist

Prevent unauthorized access to your Desktop PC Tower. Keep it locked at home or office with a handheld key.

Follow the simple steps,

Level: Beginner

Tools Required
1.Key operated switch (50INR 1USD)
2. Jumper wires (From Scrap)
3. Terminal Connector (From Scrap)

Step 1: Drilling and Connections

Open your Cabinet cover.
Take apart your FDD closure, make a hole with your drill machine of 12mm. Here I made a hole with my solder iron
Attach the Key operated switch with the wire hanging inside the CPU.
Put back the FDD closure.

As this closure is replaceable I drilled it here instead the whole cabinet

Find the pics attached

Step 2: Making Connections

Connect one of your terminal CPU switch to one terminal of Key switch via a small jumper wire as shown

Solder the terminals as required

Step 3: Connecting to Motherboard

Find the exact PowerSW terminal in the Motherboard and connect the rest two terminals to that corresponding MBD SW terminals.

Step 4: BIOS Confiure to Keep in Stay OFF Mode

Configure BIOS by pressing DEL,F2 key (depends on ur PC)
Goto Power Options
Change After Power Failure to STAY OFF

This may vary from different BIOS to BIOS.

This is used to keep your PC switched off even when the electricity goes off.
Still key is required to switch the PC back ON.

Step 5: Finish

Put your CPU Cabinet Cover back lock and screw it which cannot be opened.

Operate the Key-switch then the Power Button to turn PC on.