Locker Rug Into Unwelcome Mat

Introduction: Locker Rug Into Unwelcome Mat

This Instructable will show you how to transform a locker rug into a bedroom (or elsewhere) welcome mat.

I like the idea of using a rug designed for your locker (for what purpose I have no idea) and transform it then use it as a functional mat (ok just something fun to step on and have outside your room haha).

Step 1: Supplies

For this Instructable you'll need :

- a locker rug. I found mine on sale at Michaels
- acrylic paint in color of your choice (I have 3 shades of purple pictured but I only used one)
- paint brush
- paint pen (optional)
Optional- paint on non slip backing (see second picture)
Paint brush or foam brush

Step 2: Front of Rug Vs Back of It

We will be using the back of the locker rug! (Personally I like the lines on the back more than the polka dots on the front. The back of this carpet is non slip but not sticky so wouldn't be annoying to step on)

Step 3: Lightly Paint Letters

Use your paint brush and paint to lightly paint out your words. Take your time and keep in mind what you have to write out before you start painting (for letter and word spacing and making sure you have room for everything you want to write).

Step 4: Thicken the Words

Use paint to make the words thicker and more evenly painted.
Let dry completely.

Step 5: Optional : Paint Pen Time

Use your paint pen to outline words if you wish! I outlined "OH NO"

You can also use it to easily draw details on the mat. I drew some lines on the mat to fill up some empty space!

Step 6: Add Non Slip Backing (optional)

Paint the new back of your rug with the non slip rug backing. Follow directions on your products container if yours is different from mine. This one has me letting it try 24 hours before using it as a rug.


You're done!!

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