Introduction: Shelf for Your Locker at Work, School or Home.

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My dear wife scored some used lockers for our home. The kids and I have lockers in our work/school as well. In all cases we enjoy the size, look and sturdiness but find the height inconvenient for some items. I have seen a few purchasable locker shelves but they seemed rather flimsy for the price. I found my solution to be simple, sleek, sturdy and cheap. I found my parts from a Home Depot and Dollar Tree but know you could do just as well online or at used stores.

Step 1: You Will Need - Screws &Thread Posts

Each shelf will need:

  • 4 x Screws
  • 4 x Thread posts

I purchased my hardware from Home Depot but they're rather generic and easy to come by. I used a 8-32 thread for the screws and post. The cheapest screws were longer than I wanted. In turn I just purchased enough thread posts to cover the screws. You could do just as well with nuts but found these had a better distance per buck. Googling around I found you can get a nut/bolt kit for around $8 with more than enough hardware.

Step 2: You Will Need - Shelf

I found the locker shelf needed to be less than 12 inches wide and 11 inches deep. While your locker could very well be a different dimension I've seen a number of DIY sites and lockers that all have this measurement. While I scanned a few cheap solutions my local Dollar Tree sold white boards that seem to be the ideal fit because:

  1. The 11.8" x 10.6" size was at perfect fit.
  2. The material was thinner and stronger than plywood, particle board, etc.
  3. The whiteboards had round edges that alleviated me from cutting out the corners.
  4. Whiteboards were smooth and not visually harsh.

Step 3: Slide Screws Into Locker Sides

My lockers have 4 holes on each side that line up. Slid the screws into each one.

Step 4: Attach Thread Post(s)

Most folks will just need four. Due to compensation issues I went with four extra.

Step 5: Insert Shelf

Sunny side up or down; it's your call. I was hoping for whiteboards with skulls and chainsaws. Available options were flowers and sunshine. My daughter was happy but my son and I flipped over to the industrial side for our lockers.

Step 6: Rinse and Repeat

They were easy enough to install and I have far better use of space for about $2 per shelf. Wish I had done this sooner!