Introduction: Lockers With Knot Labels

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We needed more storage space, so we recently added a cabinet with locking cubbies. This locker unit is great for storing projects, food and valuables at our makerspace!

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Step 1: Gather Materials

For this storage unit, we used 5 sheets of good-one-side 3/4" plywood and one sheet of cabinet grade birch 3/4".

Also used: 3 1x4x8' sheets of spruce.

The locker doors used 15 pairs of hinges and 15 hasps.

Screws used were 1 3/4" wood screws and 12 dozen were used.

Step 2: Cut Materials to Dimension

Side pieces are 24x87" and the shelves are 24x15 1/2".

Lay out the sides into 5 even spaces marking a line for screw holes on the outside and for your shelf on the inside.

Cut the storage unit doors into 15 3/16x16 5/16 measurements.

Step 3: Screw Together

Pre-drill and counter-sink and fasten the shelves between the sides using the 1 3/4 wood screws.

Once in the final location, screw the three units together.

Step 4: Add Banding

Rip the 1x4 spruce boards into 1" widths. Cut into lengths to match the sides and shelves. Attach to the outer face of the cabinet using wood glue and 2" brad nail.

Fill the nail holes with matching wood filler and sand unit.

Step 5: Engrave the Cabinet Doors and Finish

For this design, we used the laser cutter to etch various knot patterns into the doors.

This step is optional. Other ways of doing this could include painting the doors or carving designs using a CNC router.

Varnish the doors and locker unit using a varnish of your choice. We used indoor water based varnish.

The knot images we used are from Knots, Splices and Rope Work by A Hyatt Verrill.

Step 6: Attach the Locker Doors

Using the hinges, secure the doors twice using a pair of hinges and attach a hasp for each door.

Step 7: Tie Knots for Handles

Each door has a different knot image shown and each handle has a corresponding knotted rope attached.

Drill holes and add rope through. Tie knots and add accessories where necessary (some knots require hooks or rods).
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