Locket/Pendant Using Wire

Introduction: Locket/Pendant Using Wire

You can make any locket/pendant using wire . I chose to make a locket that says 'hallelujah' .

Step 1: Materials


metal wire (any size and length)

Plier - small or big

spray paint or nail paint

any chain

Step 2: How to Do It

First ,on a paper write the name of the thing that you are going to make with the wire .

Then , start shaping the name by using the pliers

Try to make the whole product with a single wire

If it is hard to make the name/thing with a single wire , make two parts of the name/thing and then join it using another wire or strong glue.

Make two hook like structures on the first and last end of the locket

Once you have finished with shaping . Keep it under some books,weight so that it becomes flattened.

Spray paint your finished product or paint it using nail paint . Let it dry

Carefully tie the chain to the hooks you made before to the wire

Loosen and tighten the locket .

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    Nice design. You should enter this into the Jewelry contest that is currently running.