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Introduction: Lofted Van Bed With TV

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A lofted bed brings space and organization, doubly so in an enclosed area, like a van.

Combine that with a tv or monitor? It's a recipe for awesomeness!

A hack like this makes so much more enjoyable, not to mention cross-country traveling!

Feel the Wanderlust that comes with freedom on the open road

Step 1: Form the Base

I built this upon a bunk bed frame from another project;

Wheeled Van Bed

Since dimensions between mattresses and vans vary, you'll have to measure it on your own and adjust accordingly.

A single length of 2X4 was enough for me to complete this project (not including the bed frame)

I lifted the frame by 21", which is a bit much, so I'd suggest between 12-18" maximum

Pilot each hole before securing with a 3" screw, to reduce splitting and cracking.

Step 2: Monitor Mounting

An additional length of 2X4 is braced and secured by three screws to the side of the bed.

Pilot and secure the monitor/tv mount after using a torpedo to level it.

Attach the monitor/tv to the mount after it's secured

Step 3: Install the Lofted Bed

After the loft slides in, I just reinstalled the screws on the mount and it was perfectly level

A 50 foot extension cable plugged into a power strip provides all the power needed

I used a PS3 for all my entertainment needs on the go, along with a hard drive of movies and music

Step 4: Enjoy the Ride

Layout the bedding and load up the gear, get a move on!

An ultra-wide monitor with speakers took up less space than a conventional tv, and it weighed less.

Make sure you tighten up the nuts on the mount, to prevent the the monitor from swinging around and smashing into the windows.

Combining this project with a couple other ones will make you and your van happy!

Wheeled Van Bed

Van Privacy Inserts

5min Van Divider

If you liked this project or found inspiration, let me know, and VOTE!!!!

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    5 years ago

    I like the idea's of this, but I get claustrophobic, so I am asking, is the bed raised just to put storage under? or is there another reason the beds are always so high (near the roof lining) in these builds.. this is NOT a criticism, just an open question..


    Reply 5 years ago

    It's raised for storage. Mine was lofted by 20 inches, but I'd recommend only doing it by 14-18 inches. That said, being claustrophobic makes van life uncomfortable, period. There's not much to do other than exposure therapy, but best of luck!