Introduction: Log Box/bandsaw Box

The stuff you will need for this project is a log, bandsaw or chop saw this can be done on a chop saw but easier with bandsaw, drill press, dowel or something like dowel, sandpaper

Step 1: Getting the Piece of Wood

You will want to find a piece of wood that is not to big so you can use it on the bandsaw. But that is also circular

Step 2: The Lid

First you will want to cut like a inch off to get the wood new then you will want to also cause if you cut it will a axe or anything. Cut like another inch or two off for the lid

Step 3: Cutting the Base

You will then take the log back to the bandsaw or chop saw. You can cut the piece how ever big you want I did mine at like 5 inches

Step 4: Drilling the Hole

You will want to get the big piece and use a center punch to make the bit stay in the center. Then you will want to grab the biggest bit it can take with leaving like a half inch on either side

Step 5: Drilling the Hole for It to Hinge on

You will want to use a piece of dowel and just drill into the lid like. A quarter inch and then drill into the base like half a inch. If you don't have any dowel you can just put a nail all the way through or screw (rusted would be better) I only say that because it will be a more rustic old look then

Step 6: Sanding

You will want to sand everywhere except were the bark is and you will want to make sure you get all the burn holes out of the hole with sanding as we'll. the big sand paper thing I have was to do the tops and bottoms on both pieces

Step 7: Staining

You will want to stain just the seen wood part you don't need to stain the bark cause it doesn't do that much

Step 8:

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