Introduction: Log Cabin

Log caibns sean hard to build but are not hard to build if you have the know how. My friend and I started a log cabin about a year ago.Im planing to build an ne part on the cabin that will come of the door and make a L shape. I m planing a camp out in it this weekend.

Step 1: Materials

Land to build on (Common Land or anyother land)
Logs (About 10-12ft long)
Buck saw
Small sledge hammer
Large spike nails
Planks or Plywood
Roofing tin
Tin screws
Hex bit for tin screws
Cordless drill
Wood stove (Optional)
Windows (Optional)
Chain saw (Optional)

Step 2: Finding a Building Site

To start this off you need to find a flat spot on the ground about 15ft by 15ft. Make sure that the flat spot is not near any water or near swamp land, becaues it will make the logs rot faster. Now rake the building site so the it is only dirt.

Step 3: Base

Next cut down two 11ft logs with the axe or the buck saw. One tree should give you about two to three 11ft logs. Once the logs are cut to length lay them parallel to each other, space them 9ft apart so that there is about 1ft of over hang. When in place cut notches a foot or so from the end of the log, cut the notch about 1/4 through the log. The notch will hold the next log in place. Do this on each end of both logs. But only on the top side of that logs.

Step 4: Walls

Once the two base logs are finished keep cutting 11ft logs to make the walls. But know knotch each side of the logs so that when you place the logs down on top of each other there is no gap. Once you have built up to the hight that you want cut out the windows with a chain saw and 6the door as well.

Step 5: Rafters

Once the door and windows are cut out put up rafters. To do this cut down about 5 to 6 6in. logs. Then lay them over the top and nail them in to the top log of the frame.

Step 6: The Roof

For the roof all that we did was frame it with 2by4 then put logs around them. once that was done we found so tin in the woods and put it on.