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Introduction: Log Speakers

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I had no where to place a centre speaker for my surround sound s I decided to make two and wire them as one to sit ether side of my tv.

Step 1: First Step Find Yourself a Log

Find yourself a log try and get one that is an inch to two inch bigger than the speaker you're going to use.
Try and get one that is roughly the same diameter over at least two foot of length it's easier if there are no branches on the bit you want to use unless u want the branches sticking out as a stand of some sort?
Sorry I'm writing this after making so photos are not great of the steps involved. next time I will take before photos as well ( planning an 8" sub box from a log too just need to find a log now!

Step 2: Hollow Out the Log Blank

I did these ones with a series of holes around the edge and the centre I only drilled 2/3 of the way down the log as I wanted a totally sealed enclosure with no removable back.

U could use a hole saw or core saw or flat bit probably a lot easier than the method I used but that will only really work for smaller speakers.

After drilling the holes I broke out the centres with a hammer and chisel roughly to full depth but was left with a rough bottom on the hole ( wood was still wet )

Step 3: Finishing the Hollowing

To Finnish the hole you can use a dremel with a cut off blade it doesn't have to be perfect at the end of the day it's never going to be seen !

I draw a circle around the hole to just under the size of the speakers so I could slowly carve the hole to The exact size of the speaker so it was a tight fit which will get tighter as it drys (hopefully it doesn't split just have to fill the crack if it does?)

Step 4: Wiring

I drilled a hole through the back that was a tight fit on the speaker wire I pushed it through to the speaker hole and soldered it to the speaker. tied a knot in the wire before Hand to stop it getting pulled out again or pull on the speaker terminals themselves. I used 2inch speakers from old surround sound ones I have modified with two drinks can bases as centre caps other ible on here!

Step 5: Enjoy Separate Front Surrounds

So far these are great for vocals are clear and crisp with music and after a few weeks of drying they have not cracked yet the speakers are very tight in the hole and almost need pressed in I just put the speakers flat on a surface and put some body weight on the log to push it in?

I have not fitted terminals on the back and just have the wires going to a junction box as I did have them wired in series but have now just wired them in parallel as they sound more balanced with the rest of the system!

Hope to see. More like this and like I said earlier I am going to do a sub box for an 8" and will take more photos of the steps to write a better instruct able.

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    9 years ago

    They are so cool, I like how they look natural..